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The TEXAS 20 Purchasing Cooperative is a dynamic group offering procurement services for your school food service program. We use the collective buying power of our members securing the best price on a variety of items. We provide training, resources and exceptional customer service to assist you in managing your procurement process.

News & Announcements

1/3/2024 - SUNCUP Supply Constraints

Distributor suggests customers use other flavors of juice on bid, as orange juice market as a whole is being affected. Items on Specialty Order Guide have been notated. Please reference attached letter from manufacturer.

12/15/2023 - Quaker Granola Bars Recall

Quaker Oats Company is recalling specific granola bars that are on our Specialty Order Guide. Please see attached manufacturer letter. Alternate items have been notated on our order guide.

11/15/23 McCain Manufacturer Product Shortage

McCain is experiencing production issues and one item product will be unavailable until January 2024. Please see attached distributor notification email. The item affected has three substitutions available, and can be referenced on our Main Food Order Guide.

11/14/23 PEPSICO Inventory Level Disruptions

PEPSICO manufacturer experiencing disruptions to inventory levels. To prevent disruptions to order fulfillment a recommended substitute has been recommended. Please see attached manufacturer letter. Items listed on the Specialty Order Guide have been notated.

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